Advances in healthcare emerge everyday and to keep up with these and deliver world class service the NHS is known for, healthcare professionals attend courses and related events. However, these events are scattered over hundreds of sites. This is a source of frustration to many medics. This was howMedicsEvents was born.
The ESS was founded as non-profit organization in the middle of 20th century. It has been established to support the highest quality of patient care.The founding objectives at its beginning were the advancement of this Science and art of surgery, and the promotion of friendship among surgeons Continuing Medical Education (CME) is one of the main tasks of the society & most of the efforts is done to achieve this goal.The society has assumed a leadership role in defining a core curriculum for surgical professionals, providing educational opportunities, participating in establishing standard for the field, and providing a forum for communication among surgeons. The Society is dedicated to bringing together surgeons of all specialties to promote surgical excellence for the benefit of mankind.Hoping that we are in the correct track and waiting to know your ideas and comments not only from the Egyptian members of the Society but from worldwide surgeons as well.